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Working with Aging Clients

More and more advisors share stories with us about how clients change as they age. In particular:

  • Forgetfulness

  • Repeatedly asking for the same information

  • Becoming more challenged with their finances

  • Poor decisions relating to money

This is a very challenging situation. While we may know in our gut something isn’t right, we’re not trained clinicians and should not jump to conclusions about a client’s wellbeing. So how do you approach this situation? Perhaps ask the client: “What would you want to happen if you became incapacitated and I needed direction with respect to your financial plan?” Hopefully, the client will suggest you deal with their POA or a Trusted Person. You can establish who this Trusted Person is when you initially bring the client on or are doing subsequent reviews. Canada Life has a good document that you can use with your clients. Keeping detailed notes is very important in these situations too. As always, we look forward to your comments.

Scott Edgington, CEA

Regional Director, Business Development Wealth

Qualified Financial Services

Rick Gallant Regional Director, Business Development Wealth

Qualified Financial Services

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