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Our Brand Foundation


Where we are going, and how we’ll know we’re there

To enable advisors to bring financial success to every Canadian.


What we do every day to get there

Through inspired interactions, we help advisors who want to be better, be better.


How we are different

Nobody invests in advisors like we do.


Feel like family™ 

How We Roll

  1. We are people people

  2. We go to bat for you

  3. We challenge the status quo 

  4. We are lots of fun

  5. We are polished but real

  6. No red tape


Why Believe?

  • As Canada’s largest independently-owned MGA, we don’t answer to shareholders (a board) – so we can do the right things for the right reasons.

  • We are large enough to have a seat at the carriers’ table, and small enough to know your name.

  • We were established as family business in 1997, and the second generation is very active in the business today.


  1. We are the home for advisors seeking a warm place in what can be a lonely business.

  2. An inspired interaction is one that creates an experience for someone that is authentic, that lifts them up and makes them feel good about themselves and QFS.

  3. Everything we do has an impact on the lives of others.

  4. Fair treatment for all advisors. Enough said.

  5. We put the advisor at the front of every decision we make.

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