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Wealth Update – Tools for Your Semi-Annual Client Meetings

It’s hard to believe, but one-half of the year has already gone by.

Starting in early July, your clients will receive their semi-annual statements from the carriers. To help you prepare for discussions, we’ve put together this tool kit to help in those conversations. As we know, good communication is what keeps clients with you and poor communication is the reason they leave you.

Let’s structure the tools around a typical meeting agenda.


  • Reconnect, get caught up on what’s been going on since the last meeting.

  • Evaluate planning goals and progress toward them. Learn about changes in a client’s personal situation that may have an impact on their financial plan.

  • Update financial plan to reflect June 30 values and determine if you’re on track to meeting previously established goals. This is where Razor can help, if you need a plan for someone just let us know and we’ll create one. Just complete this questionnaire and return it to us.

  • Review portfolio performance. It’s important to have benchmarks to compare to personal portfolio performance. Without these, results are just numbers on a page. Also, share that it’s time in the markets and not timing the markets, this piece will help. And don’t forget the value of an Andex chart.

  • Discuss any rebalancing needs. Always redo KYCs, this is something that can be sent to a client beforehand so that they come prepared for the meeting.

  • Review asset allocation and selected investments. Is the current asset allocation meeting their expectations, are the underlying funds performing as expected. Did their KYC change and a reallocation is required? Share with them the importance of maintaining the proper asset allocation.

  • Review the state of the markets and economy since the last review. Have third party materials on hand to discuss the economy. Also, consider reviewing one of our economic updates and listening to the most recent recordings.

  • Discuss any key events or changes that may affect your client's plan. Review the recent changes to the capital gains inclusion rate using this presentation and recording.

  • Ask about wills and POAs, you may suggest the client completes this document, the Family Inventory Guide for their records.

  • Confirm all beneficiary designations are in order and ask for a “trusted person” to whom you can contact if the client cannot be reached.

  • Answer any questions and address any concerns.

  • Set a date for your next meeting.

 In addition to the pieces linked above, here are some more tools you may find useful:

Remember InSite will have June 30th values which you can use in advance of receiving client statements.

And, here’s a link to all of the documents we maintain, including model portfolios and product sweet spots.

If you would like us to help prepare you for a client meeting, just let us know and we’ll be glad to help.

As always, we look forward to your comments.


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