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Wealth Update – LIF Unlocking Strategy

Here’s a clever way to move LIF money to either an RRSP or RRIF.

As we know, LIFs have annual minimums and maximums.

The concept is to elect the maximum and move the difference between the minimum and maximum to an RRSP or RRIF.

Here’s an example from the Manulife Tax Strategy article:

Richard is a 55-year-old investor who transfers a $250,000 LIRA to a LIF.

In the first year, he can unlock the $16,275 (the maximum payment) allowed since there’s no minimum.

In the second year, at age 56, the:

  • LIF maximum is 6.57%

  • LIF minimum is 2.94%

  • The difference is 3.63%—the amount that can be unlocked is $8,481 (3.63% of $250,000 – $16,275)

So, in this example, $16,275 + $8,481 has been moved to the client’s RRSP. It remains tax deferred and, in the future, will not be subject to any maximum annual withdrawal limits.

Here’s Manulife’s piece on this subject.

As always, we look forward to your comments.

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Happy Thanksgiving.

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