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Wealth Update – High Yielding Money Market Funds

With interest rates where they are, many of our carriers are offering good rates on either their daily interest accounts or money market funds.

Assumption Life: Current DIA rate is 4.75%

Canada Life: Floor of 4% for the money market fund until April 26, 2024

Empire Life: Money Market Fund is targeted at 4.50% to the end of 2023, Here are the details.

Equitable Life: Money Market current rate of return, 4.06%. Here are the details.

Industrial Alliance: HISA is currently at 4.45%

Manulife: The Dollar Cost Averaging Money Market Fund is offering a 4% rate (to the end of the year)

Sun Life

Sun GIF Solutions Sun Life Money Market Current 7-day yield: 4.60%

Sun GIF Solutions Daily Interest, current 7-day yield 4.79%

Sun GIF Dollar Cost Average Daily Interest, current 7-day yield 4.68%

Consider using a money market fund as this will make switching to more permanent funds very easy.

Unless otherwise specified, these rates are guaranteed and could change daily.

As always, we look forward to your comments.

Scott Edgington Director, Advanced Planning, Wealth Qualified Financial Services Jim Lyons Regional Vice President, Business Development - Wealth Qualified Financial Services Kyle Gilbert Inside Business Development Specialist - Wealth Qualified Financial Services Gordon Baker Director, Business Development, Wealth Atlantic Canada Qualified Financial Services This communication reflects the views of Qualified Financial Services Inc. as of the date published. The information in this publication is for general information purposes only and is not to be construed as providing individual legal, tax, financial or other professional advice. Qualified Financial Services Inc. assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information contained herein nor for any reliance placed on such information. Please seek independent professional advice before making any decisions.


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