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Wealth Update – Did We Just See the Best Days of the Year?

This has been an interesting couple of weeks in the markets. Did we just see the best days of the year? Yesterday, the Fed hinted there may be rate cuts next year. The markets seemed to be expecting this comment and started climbing about two weeks ago.

These past couple of weeks are a good reminder of the power of staying invested.  

Here’s a great example from this IA marketing piece

We can see that if the 10 best days are missed, an investor would have $100,000 less than the investor who stayed in the markets.

And, did you know the S&P 500 started the year at 3,853 and it closed yesterday at 4,707!

That’s a 22% increase!

We hope you can share this information with your clients when they get anxious about their long-term Investments.

As always, we look forward to your comments.

Scott Edgington

Director, Advanced Planning, Wealth

Qualified Financial Services

Jim Lyons

Regional Vice President, Business Development - Wealth

Qualified Financial Services

Kyle Gilbert

Inside Business Development Specialist - Wealth

Qualified Financial Services

Gordon Baker

Director, Business Development, Wealth Atlantic Canada

Qualified Financial Services

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