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Cost vs. Benefit

Here's a real-life case that we think you’ll find interesting.

A client had purchased a segregated fund with $100,000 and 100% death benefit guarantee. A couple of years later, the market value was $120,000 and the client reset the death benefit to $120,000. Not too long after, there was a market correction and the market value slipped to $105,000. Then, unfortunately, the client passed away.

We know the beneficiary will receive $120,000 because of the 100% death benefit guarantee combined with the reset feature.

Can you guess which question the beneficiary never asked?

If you said: “What was the cost of that investment?”, you would be right. Cost was of no importance because the beneficiary received $120,000 not $105,000. Similarly, have you had a beneficiary ever say they thought life insurance cost too much as you were handing them a cheque for $500,000?

We sometimes get too focused on costs rather than benefits.

As always, we look forward to your thoughts.

Take Care,

Scott Edgington

Regional Manager, Wealth, Ontario

Qualified Financial Services

Rick Gallant

Regional Manager, Wealth, Atlantic Canada and Quebec

Qualified Financial Services

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