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Charitable Giving

Here is a situation to consider, a charitable 83-year-old lady wishes to give $500,000 to her favorite charity.

If this lady is healthy, she could set up a T100 contract for $500,000 with the charity as beneficiary. She can assign the contract to the charity and use the premiums as a charitable donation and subsequently get the charitable donation tax credit each year.

Or, she could remain the owner of the contract and her estate could get a charitable donation tax credit on the $500,000 death benefit.

If she wants to take the tax credit on the premiums, say $50,000 per year, she could receive a tax credit of approximately $20,000 annually.

If her estate takes the tax credit on the one-time donation of the death benefit, the tax credit is $200,000.

Using simple math, if she survives past age 93, the premium approach works, if not, the one-time donation of $500,000 works best.

As an aside, look for clients that are already philanthropic. It’s a tough sale when you first have to convince someone to be charitable.

We look forward to your comments.

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Take Care,

Scott Edgington

Regional Manager, Wealth, Ontario

Qualified Financial Services

Rick Gallant

Regional Manager, Wealth, Atlantic Canada and Quebec

Qualified Financial Services

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