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4 Places Money Can Go

When meeting with our advisors and their clients, the word ‘cash flow’ has come up quite a few times since the beginning of the pandemic. Cash flow really is a business term that defines the amount of money coming in and out of a business over a specified period. Businesses aside, the same fundamentals work for households. Without a positive cash flow, financial decisions are difficult to make, or worse…are made for you! While everyone has been impacted by the pandemic, we have all been impacted in different ways. Some have had their hours and/or incomes cut back; some have been temporarily laid off, while others have even lost their jobs entirely. On the flip side, there are those who are still making money, spending more and/or saving more now than ever! Not that this relates to everyone, but have you or a client tried to buy a boat or a personal watercraft over the summer? Boat dealers were literally out of stock! I have a tight social circle in the boat industry, and they have all indicated this summer has been a consumer buying frenzy! The reality is this, those who have money will continue to find a way to make more of it and therefore spend and/or save more as a result. Simply put, there are only 4 places your money can go.

  1. Taxes

  2. Debt

  3. Lifestyle

  4. Savings

If all your client’s money is going to the first 3 and they are not willing to work with you to get it under control, number 4 is going to be hard to fund.

I will be hosting a brief webinar titled “The 4 Places Money Can Go” in October. During this session, I will walk you through how I was taught to have this conversation. We will be using a financial calculator called Maximum Potential from the Truth Concepts suite of calculators to demonstrate this. I have been using this suite of calculators for 8 years now and the Maximum Potential calculator is my go-to for my first meeting with a client. Please keep an eye out for an invite!

Until then, please do not assume that every client is in a holding pattern on making financial decisions about their insurance and/or investments. Over the last 6 weeks, the amount of sales activity our Business Development team has seen has spiked significantly! Maybe it’s because clients are unloading the boats they bought earlier in the summer?

To be added to the invite list for the exclusive webinar mentioned above, please reach out to a member of our Business Development Team or contact us at


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