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Our Newest Executive Team Members


Corey Cott

Senior Vice-President,


Overall responsibility for:

  • Setting company sales targets and developing business strategies related to sales

  • Success of events, campaigns, marketing and communications

  • Seeking new business tools and systems to help drive sales

  • Driving successful sales results

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Jesse Cott

Senior Vice-President,

Finance & Operations

Overall responsibility for:

  • Ensuring financial health of the company

  • Premises and maintaining office space

  • Strategic implementation of new technology to ensure QFS remains a leader in our industry


Haley Cott

Senior Vice-President, Sales Support & Administration

Overall responsibility for:

  • Strategic direction and success of back office and administrative team

  • Back office and administrative team staffing and structure

  • Ensuring QFS partnered advisors continue to receive exceptional service


Diana Di Renzo

Director, Human Resources and Talent Development

Overall responsibility for:

  • Managing the employee life cycle

  • Developing and implementing HR strategies and initiatives

  • Developing, maintaining and implementing corporate policies and procedures

  • Training, development and retention of employees

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