Cascading Insurance

For a client who wants to preserve and transfer his or her wealth to two successive generations, a tax efficient option may be a permanent life insurance policy.

In this concept ,a client purchases a permanent life insurance policy on his or her child, or grandchild, and names one or more children or grandchildren as the beneficiaries-the wealth can then transfer from one generation to the next.

Permanent life insurance can help clients leave more for their future generations by providing:

Tax advantaged growth inside the policy

Access to cash value inside the policy

Ability to transfer ownership of the policy, including its cash values, on a tax free basis

A death benefit to the beneficiary

Designed for individuals who:

  • Have accumulated more wealth then they will use in their lifetime

  • Want to help maximize and help share a legacy

  • May or received a significant inheritance, death benefit or windfall

  • Want to help their families financially


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