Reason Why

Sometime last year I saw for the first time "Reason Why" letters. These letters can be used for your files to create a record of what you presented and what your client purchased. On the seg side, these letters contain disclosure about guarantees, fees and compensation etc. Sun Life has taken the opportunity to provide three sample letters for you to review/use in your client meetings. They can be downloaded below: Sample 1 - Segregated Fund Sample 2 - Payout Annuity Sample 3 - Accumulation Annuity And, if you need a reason why to recommend seg funds to your clients, please have a look at this new Estate Cost comparison tool from Manulife. The comparison tool can be used to show the savings to an estate if segregated funds are used instead of mutual funds. I find this really appeals to older clients planning to leave a legacy to their children. In addition to the estate cost savings, this type of client really appreciates the idea of the simplicity of passing their legacy to their children without getting the funds tied up in the estate process. In addition, this presents the opportunity to get to know their children and potentially retain the death proceeds in your business. RBC had a stat that says the children of your clients will only keep their parent's money with you about 15% of the time. I think this estate bypass feature may be able to help you retain much more than 15%. I look forward to your thoughts on these subjects. Take care, Scott Edgington Director, Investment Sales Qualified Financial Services Inc.