Conceptualizing the Insurance Need for Every Stage

Risk Management Chart

Sometimes the biggest challenge is explaining why a certain insurance product is essential at a given life-stage. Often, it’s difficult to assess just how important Di, CI and what type of life insurance is necessary for a 35/45/55/65 year old. Enter Manulife’s Risk Management Framework piece. In a simple one pager, Manulife has mapped out the specific insurance needs on a continuum from age 20 and beyond. This piece really makes the needs conversation with clients easier and helps them conceptualize what type of insurance they need and how much. In my work with advisors I have seen how this piece really supports pricing and product recommendations. It has helped clients make a decision sooner because they can see how their life-stage corresponds with recommended products, all from a company that the majority of Canadians know. Have a quick look at the graphic above, and click here if you would like the full PDF version.

Best Regards,

Ken Poniatowski, CFP

Business Development Specialist

Qualified Financial Services Inc.