Sales Opportunities with the 2018 OHIP+ Changes

As of January 1st, 2018 the OHIP+ program will begin to provide children and youth aged 24 and under with coverage for more than 4400 drug and drug products under the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) Program. This also includes coverage for additional drugs the patient’s physician can request, by applying to the Exceptional Access Program (EAP).

With changes to OHIP this provides an opportunity to speak to your clients, who have group coverage, about the new regulations. What better time to also have a conversation with them to ensure they are properly covered by either their group insurance alone or a combination of group and individual insurance. Many group plans will provide 1 or 2 times salary for life insurance and critical illness insurance, and will have a formula to determine their LTD benefits. The questions becomes; “Will that be enough insurance?”.

If the answer is “no” you now have a new sales opportunity. You local Business Development Specialist at QFS would be happy to discuss this with you further and help you find sales opportunities within your existing clients.

Thank you,

Michael Thompson

VP of Sales

Qualified Financial Services