Term or Permanent with Term Rider?

Clients between the ages of 25-45 are cost conscious and in need of their cash flow. This is the main reason why they choose term insurance over any other form. It is also the advisors prejudice that leads them to choose term products without exploring alternatives.

We hear things like; ‘buy term, invest the difference’. Although that might seem like a good idea, a quick comparison with the help of your BD will show you that the best interest rate on a guaranteed investment pales in comparison to a properly position life insurance product.

Comparing pure term to permanent insurance with a term rider can show your clients what their money can do for them in the long-term. It is important to show term conversion rates and discuss the purpose of insurance to get a clear picture of the client’s needs.

Discuss this idea with your BD, any one of them will be happy to explore this with you.

Thank you,

Henriette Bichai

Director, Quebec & Atlantic Regions

Qualified Financial Services

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