T100 CI Retirement Income Supplement

When selling CI, one of the main benefits is the Return of Premium option. “If you never use it, you get your money back” is what we tell all our clients. But what should they do with their money once they get it back?

What if you could use it to generate a guaranteed monthly income supplement in retirement?

By using the funds to buy an annuity, your clients can enjoy the benefits of an increased cash flow. Better yet, if you sell them a T100 CI with ROPS, your clients can choose to do this whenever they wish. Should they make a claim in their later years, using the benefit to buy an impaired annuity can act like an LTC plan with a boost to the monthly payout.

If you have a client who has made a claim recently or about to receive their ROP (ages 65-75), it would be worth sitting down with them to discuss how that money can best serve them going forward.

If you would like to discuss this idea further, please feel free to reach out to me our your local Business Development Manager.

Thank you,

James O'Connell

Inside Business Development Specialist

1.800.263.9037 x 1321