Taking Care of Business, With Term

Do you have strong relationships with business owners, professionals or executives? Help make those relationships even stronger by offering a solution that will ensure their life's work will continue even if they're not there to manage it.

Contingency and continuity plans are always at the back of an owner's mind, they spend significant time building their business and they are unsure of how to protect that legacy. Most toil with the uncertainty that their partners and or family will just have to make due after catastrophic circumstances.

You are the person with the plan and you have a simple, inexpensive solution to get protect what matters most to this market. There are several ways to approach this topic with your clients:

  1. Would you like to be in business with your partner's spouse if your partner were no longer available?

  2. How have you funded your buy-sell agreement?

  3. What is your business worth if you or your partner were unable to run it?

  4. Could you run this business without your partner?

These are ways to start the conversation about how you are the hero that will solve a very expensive problem that would be catastrophic to these individuals' finances. Having these conversations with your business owner clients will position you as an invaluable partner in their business and open the door to larger sales in the not-too-distant future.

For more information please contact your local Business Development Manager at QFS!

Best Regards,

Ken Poniatowski, CFP®

Business Development Manager

Qualified Financial Services