Selling to Students, the Easy Way.

How would you like to be able to have a foot in the door to break into a new and lucrative marketplace? Wouldn’t it be great if that new marketplace offered the opportunity to not only provide discounted rates and simplified underwriting, but also potential for additional sales?

Students who are enrolled Engineering courses can provide that opportunity. They have great upside potential for sales as they grow in their practice. However, the issue has been that it is difficult to offer them a policy that makes sense for them while they are students.

RBC Insurance has recently introduced their Engineer Student Offer which covers them for Disability Insurance before they start their careers. Any professional engineering student in their final year and enrolled in a co-op or internship program is eligible.

The offer includes the following:

  • 25% discount for engineering students on a personal disability insurance policy

  • Simplified application process with no medical exam or blood test required

  • Future Income Option included on each policy issued, ages 18 - 50

  • Premiums are waived for 8 months to help students while they look for a job

  • Benefits up to $3,500 a month

  • Purchasing a disability policy now may help students save money on their premium in the long run

This offer will allow you to provide valuable coverage as well as gain a client who will have massive insurance needs as they grow in their career.

With an offer this strong and few advisors who are working in the Disability Insurance marketplace this is an opportunity that can’t be missed.

For more information or to learn how you can use this offer within your own practice please speak with your Business Development Specialist at QFS.

Michael Thompson,

Vice President, Sales

Qualified Financial Services Inc.