Retirement Disability Insurance

Every advisor is aware of Long Term Care coverage and can see the value, so why do we not sell more of it? When talking to clients about the possibility of being bed ridden and unable to take care of themselves, there is a lot of push back and objections we deal with as advisors.

But what if we reframe LTC? Especially to those clients who have already bought disability coverage? Presenting Long Term Care as Retirement Disability coverage can make for a much more effective introduction.

For example, you could say “now that we’ve protected your income and savings with Disability coverage during your career, let’s make sure it’s protected in retirement as well.” You could also ask “will your monthly cash flow be enough if you require additional assistance in retirement”.

Long Term care is one of the least sold insurance products in Canada and with an aging population, there is no better time to sit down with your clients to see how you can integrate this into their financial plan.

If you would like to discuss this concept further, please reach out to me and I would be happy to set up a meeting to show you how Retirement Disability can have a positive impact in your business.

Thank you,

James O'Connell

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