Comprehensive Mortgage Insurance

Everyone knows that when you buy a home, you need a mortgage. But what most don’t know is that the insurance they are being offered by their lending institution is very different and less beneficial than what they can get through you. So why do people still buy it? Convenience and ease.

They sign the paperwork at the same time as they do for their mortgage. However, what the lending institutions offer is basic coverage, what you can offer is Comprehensive Mortgage Insurance. A product that will replace income if the client becomes disabled, pay a lump sum should you fall critically ill or catch certain conditions early, and completely pay off any debts should they pass away. No institution can offer that.

Instead of setting up 3 different policies, products like Manulife Synergy wrap this all up into one making it simpler for you and your clients. One app, one solution and your client is completely covered.

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