Protecting an Estate and Mutual Funds vs. Segregated Funds

Recently, I had the opportunity to join an advisor on a client appointment. The client in question was in his 80’s and he wanted to ensure his beneficiaries received the entire value of his investments upon his passing. In this situation, there was really one product to present, Canada Life’s Estate Protection. It is available from ages 80 to 91 (less a day), offers a 100% death benefit guarantee and has a decent fund line-up given the mortality risks associated with this age group. Here’s a marketing brochure. Because this was an client in Ontario, we also pointed out the benefits of probate avoidance, confidentiality and quick payment of the death benefit. Which leads me to the following marketing pieces from Sun Life and Empire Life. They are great tools to help explain the estate administration process and the differences between segregated funds and mutual funds. Sun Life - Emotional Cost of Settling an Estate Empire Life - Seg Funds vs. Mutual Funds I hope you can use these marketing pieces in your practice and look forward to all your comments. Remember, wealth cases count for Two by Tuesdays too! Take care, Scott Edgington Director of Wealth Qualified Financial Services 416.786.4140