Stars of the Month for June

Aleem Visram HBA, MBA

Aleem is co-owner of Multi Insurance Retirement & Financial Planning (MIRFP). He specializes in managing people’s financial risks and investment planning needs. Aleem recognizes the need for a complete and integrated financial plan for his clients. Aleem holds life and mutual fund licenses so that he can best serve his clients. In addition, Aleem is a recognized public speaker and a part time professor at York University’s Schulich School of Business.

Recently, a long-time client of Aleem’s passed away and the family needed support. Aleem was able to assist in the management of the estate process for the family. It’s this type of service that has made Aleem so successful. By stick-handling all the financial ramifications that occur at the time of a person’s passing, Aleem’s help gave the family time to focus on themselves and not have the addition worry of managing all the financial consequences that surround an estate.

From the trust the family placed in Aleem, he was able to assist with the investment of the proceeds from a segregated policy that the deceased had owned. Often, the proceeds from an estate are invested with the help of the beneficiaries’ advisors not the advisor that originally worked with the deceased.

These beneficiaries of the estate had choices about where to invest but Aleem’s valued added service made him the trusted advisor.