Life and Serenity 65 from Industrial Alliance

At the recent Sales Congress in downtown Toronto, one of the keynote speakers presentations was on the three most important areas to insure your clients.

One of the three key areas is Long Term Care. Advisors tend to shy away from showing this to their clients for fear of underwriting or maybe they just don’t see it as a priority. The truth is that people, if confronted with the scenario of not being able to look after themselves when they are older, would like to do so in the comfort of their own home!

Life and Serenity 65 is different from anything currently on the market. It’s coverage that combines Permanent Life Insurance and a benefit accessible as of age 65. The benefit covers Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease as well as Paralysis and Loss of Independent Existence. Life and Serenity 65 allows your clients to benefit from Life Insurance when they need it most and to look toward the future with serenity. Coverage includes all the traditional benefits of Life Insurance plus:

  • A Monthly payment corresponding to 1% of the face amount of the contract, beginning at age 65

  • Premiums waived at diagnosis

  • Payment of the remaining face amount at death or an additional 25% of original face amount if all benefits have been used

Life and Serenity 65 is highly recommended for clients between age 40 and 60 who want value-added Life Insurance coverage to help with the future cost of aging.

Claudio Viola, CFP, CH.F.C., B.A.S.

Business Development Manager

Qualified Financial Services

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