8 Ways to Market Yourself

Marketing efforts should focus on building trust and credibility with your target audiences. These life insurance marketing ideas will help you do that:

1. Raise your profile in the community:

  • Offer life insurance seminars or Q&A sessions, positioning them as free public education hosted by an expert (you). Reach many people at once, in person, with marketing angles like offering a free insurance review or information on life insurance specifically for new parents or newlyweds. Send congratulatory follow-ups, offering to answer any lingering questions.

2. Sponsor a youth soccer team or a charity walk or join the school board:

Contribute to or volunteer at local causes/events that will strike a chord with target audiences. Meet prospects and enhance credibility, trustworthiness and reputation. All the better if these are things you might do anyway or already have an interest in.

  • Individuals needing to pass on an inheritance that won't be eaten up by estate taxes or capital gains.

  • C-corp business owners wanting tax write-offs for insurance purchased for a defined-benefit plan.

  • Small-business owners thinking of succession planning or employee coverage.

3. Increase referrals by:

  • Most importantly, offering referrals.

  • Hosting a customer-appreciation party at your office or another venue. Serve wine or other refreshments, and allow clients to bring guests.

  • Arranging to leave brochures at businesses that share the same target market - and return the favor.

4. Establish credibility and enhance your expert credentials:

  • Start a blog or write articles on LinkedIn or Facebook.

  • Publish advisory articles in local neighborhood-specific publications and related-business newsletters, like local credit unions or churches.

5. Whenever you talk to potential clients, individually or as a group, share compelling reasons why you're selling life insurance and think it's important:

Did someone you know pass away without it? Did you watch their family struggle? If you're sincere, this could help you bond with potential customers.

6. Use lead-management software to make notes of customer's upcoming life events and conversation details.

This allows you to thoughtfully continue the conversation next time, making contact at times when they might need insurance.

7. Prospect and follow-up, online and offline:

  • Send holiday greetings that are subtle about selling. Offer to review coverage to make sure clients have the best deal and best plan features on their current policy. Be a resource to answer insurance questions.

8. Print up an "Off-Duty Insurance Agent" T-shirt in a large font size:

Wear it whenever you want prospects to approach you.

Thank you,

Henriette Bichai,

Director, Quebec and Atlantic Regions