Stars of the Month for April!

Advisor of the Month:

Gerry Phillips

Phillips Financial Group

"I joined QFS about 8 months ago. Prior to that, I worked with a couple of small MGA’s that were just not doing much to help me get to the next level as an advisor. My background as a professional equity trader for over 25 years gives me a solid base when it comes to talking investments with my clients. I actually did not sell a single insurance policy my first year as an advisor. To get to the next level as an advisor, you need to understand the insurance side of the business. Not just term or U.L. policies etc., but the strategies to build wealth for retirement or the next generation using insurance. This is where QFS comes in.

Last summer, by chance, I ran into Claudio Viola, one of our Business Development Officers, at an IA event. We talked for a bit and he suggested I “check out” QFS. “Not your typical MGA”. I did check them out. I took the new agent training ( even though I have been an agent for almost 5 years) offered by Perry Villanueva. It is a two day program but I was hooked on day one! I knew this was the place for me. I have mentioned to Claudio that if I had started my career at QFS, I would already be at the next level!

Fast forward to today. As many of you know, your next big client could come from anywhere! In a very strange twist of fate, I met a lady who has her own business, running a couple of healthcare clinics. She was meeting with my mother-in-law, who was hit by a parked car. True story, but too complicated to explain here. Mom-in-law asked me to be at the meeting to help her understand what was being discussed. Over the course of the conversation, when she learned what I do, determined that she wants (not needs) life insurance and personal financial advice. She is also very interested in setting up a group health and group retirement plan for her company. This connects me directly to 20 – 30 young healthcare professionals. ChaChing!

In another bizarre twist of fate, the day after I met this lady, Claudio held a training session for myself, as well as some other newer agents, in an effort to get us all to the next level. It was about Personal and Corporate Asset Transfer. It was an awesome presentation and fit exactly what I will need for my new client.

This is exactly how QFS, and Claudio, are helping me get to the next level. I hope to see you all there!"

Staff of the Month:

Donna Clark

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself?

I am 55 years old, single parent – adoptive children, 4 in total between the ages of 19 and 25. Also, 2 grandchildren. I’m a Dog lover who also enjoys cats but most of my family is allergic. In my spare time I am a church music director, playing piano or the organ while the congregation sings. We go to the nursing home once a month and assist with a church service.

2. When did you get into the insurance industry?

July 2014

3. How did you get into the insurance industry? Commuting to work as office manager at real-estate firm became too mcuh. Winter was difficult as I had to sleep over some nights when the weather was bad. Answered and add in the paper for ARC but they hired another person as I had no insurance experience. I was interviewed by Barb who asked to keep my resume and then 8 weeks later I was called and offered her the job on the phone, which I accepted and we have had a great working relationship since.

4. How long have you been with QFS?

September 2014 – Since ARC was bought out.

5. What is it about your job at QFS that you like the most? The people – they are patient and kind. Also, there is enough difference in a day to keep it interesting.

6. Can you share with us a memorable moment since joining QFS?

We were all given 20 $20.00 bills with a thank you note to celebrate the 20th anniversary of QFS. Or package was couriered so we didn’t get everything right away. When the package did arrive, I emailed Kevin to say thank you and was impressed that he replied immediately to say “you’re welcome”. I have never experienced the personal touches like I have at QFS.

7. What do you think makes QFS “Not your typical MGA? The people and the focus on the people – Staff and Advisors alike. Also the access to the executive team. It matters. There are not many CEO’s and Executives that will personally answer you directly with kindness.

8. As you are aware, QFS has celebrated its’ 20th year. What do you think is ahead at QFS?

Great quality of service, positive thinking and uplifting staff meetings. I’m sure the business will continue to grow.




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