GMWB TFSAs and Warren Buffet's Annual Letter

I had a lot of positive feedback regarding the idea of using a GMWB in a TFSA setting. To that end, please find two marketing pieces on the subject from Empire Life and Sun Life. And, it’s that time of year again when Mr. Buffet releases his annual shareholder letter. Mr. Buffet has a few key things he looks for when investing in a company:

  • Scalability – the company can grow without incurring significantly more expenses;

  • Barriers to entry – it’s hard for a competitor to move in and take over market share;

  • Strong management – Managers who act as if all of their own personal money is invested in the company they manage;

  • Businesses uncorrelated to the economy – companies that succeed regardless of economic conditions

Most importantly, Mr. Buffet has patience. Berkshire-Hathaway buys companies for the long-term. Here’s a link to his most recent letter to investors. It’s a good read and I hope you can share it with your clients. Take care, Scott Edgington Director of Wealth Qualified Financial Services 416 786 4140