QFS Stars of the Month for February!

ADVISOR Mario D’Souza, D’Souza Insurance & Financial Mario has been in the insurance industry for nearly 26 years and joined QFS in 2013. Since joining, his business and income improved significantly by working with the QFS Business Development Team. As financial advisors, we often look to fulfill the bigger opportunities based on our own assessment of the time investment requirement versus the reward. In some cases, however, we may be blinded to the bigger picture by not looking at a particular situation with a broader scope. Here is a great example of how using a needs analysis approach can uncover a multitude of financial opportunities within a single family. After running a needs analysis for a couple with two children, Mario uncovered the need to implement Critical Illness Insurance and Life Insurance for the two young children. Mario's approach to taking care of the "smaller need" first, created an opportunity that allowed him to implement his financial plan for the parents as well. Mario was then able to establish that the Mother had adequate coverage, and yet the Father remained grossly underinsured. Once he realized the father needed further coverage, Mario proceeded to complete sizable applications for the Father for both Critical Illness Insurance and Life Insurance. The lesson to be learned here is that it’s often important to fulfill the smaller needs (two children) first in order to be led to the other, much larger opportunities. STAFF Kim Miller, New Business Coordinator Kim has been a member of the QFS team since 2011 and created some amazing relationships with the advisors she works with. 1. Tell me a little bit about yourself? I love grilled asparagus and attend a spin class twice a week at the gym. 2. When did you get into the insurance industry? It was a very long time ago. I cannot remember exactly when. 3. How did you get into the insurance industry? A friend told me about a position with Mutual of Omaha. I applied and got the job. 4. How long have you been with QFS? 5+ Years. 5. What is it about your job at QFS that you like the most? I enjoy working with the brokers. 6. Can you share with us a memorable moment since joining QFS? My first day on the job, I met the CEO. 7. What do you think makes QFS “Not your typical MGA? Commitment to the brokers. 8. As you are aware, QFS has celebrated its’ 20th year. What do you think is ahead at QFS? Nothing but the very best.




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